DIY or Hire a Plumber

Did you know that the DIY’s have increased vastly in the last couple of years thanks to Youtube and the DIY books that are published more and more on a daily basis? While it’s a good idea to try your skills on certain topics, one of the worst ideas is to try your DIY skills with plumbing around the 2

Probably you would consider fixing your plumbing thinking that either it would cost you less or you could save the time of calling a professional plumber ad waiting till they come over. But chances are, of you are an average Joe, you would end up spending more time as well as more money. You would find trying to get it right with the limited knowledge and tools you have much more difficult that you ever imagined.

Secondly, if you are considering doing a medium to large size plumbing job like redesigning your bathroom, your lack of knowledge in the plumbing principals could be an issue. Halfway down a serious job when you realise you shouldn’t have done it that way, it could only mean spending even more money to re-do the job from beginning. If you want your plumbing your way, at least consult someone who knows pipes & drains and ask them to redraw your plan so you can assure that you will not face unforeseen circumstances 3

Thirdly, most people opt to DIY thinking about the safety angel. Not too many people would feel comfortable with a stranger walking around the house which can be a potential threat. This is why most homeowners would choose to fix their plumbing.…