Kitchen sink clogging

Imagine doing the dishes and you find out that your kitchen sink has clogged up. What would you do? Would you call a plumber immediately? While hiring the services of a plumbing company is an option, you have to be aware too that doing so may cost you a significant amount of money.

How to prevent your kitchen sink from clogging?

ghgashgghsThere are numerous reasons a kitchen sink may clog up. It could be due to grease or oil that comes from the dishes and food that you cook, left over particles on your plates and utensils, and other materials and substances that are either thrown on purpose or accidentally into the kitchen sink. All of which can block the drainage. Hence, the water won’t be able to pass through and it will remain afloat until the clog has been successfully removed.

Steps that you can do to unclog your kitchen sink

Once your kitchen sink has clogged up, it can cause a lot of frustrations and inconvenience. Calling a plumber is not always an option especially if you don’t have the money to pay for such services. Of course, you can’t go without a working kitchen sink. Otherwise, you and your family will be put in a predicament wherein you can’t wash your dishes nor the food that you want to cook.

Here are some simple ways that you can do to take the clog out of your kitchen sink.

Use a plunger

hgshgshgsghJust like when your toilet is clogged up, you can also use a plunger to take the blockage off your kitchen sink. The procedure is the same. You have to ensure that there is enough water in the sink to stick the plunger into. When you put it in, position it properly in such a way that it is covering the entire opening of the drainage. And then, pull it up quickly. This should exert enough pressure that will unclog the sink.

Pour hot water

Another effective way of unclogging a kitchen sink is to pour a good amount of hot water on the drain. If the clogging was caused by grease buildup, the water temperature should melt it down and drain it away.…